iTunesVolume 1.1.4

iTunes controller for your mouse


  • Multi window look
  • Advanced control of iTunes
  • Adjust appearance


  • Limited to iTunes
  • Window pop up when hovering on slider


Taking a quick look, iTunesVolume might seem like a basic little slider for iTunes. However, it packs much more than expected.

From the little slider you not only control the volume in iTunes, but can also launch the music player, start and stop songs and have access to playlists, all media and tag sorting. When a song is playing, iTunesVolume will open up multiple windows, including one for the artwork, one for song information and another for sleep timer. Via the contextual menu, you change the appearance of these windows, including the font used and the colors of the interface. iTunesVolume even has a a choice of skins if you don't like the dark transparent look.

iTunesVolume should appeal to iTunes users looking for another quick way to access their songs. Apart from the annoying window which kept popping up every time we hovered the cursor over the slider, iTunesVolume is fairly discreet and should fit in nicely even if you have a lot of windows open.

Despite making iTunes easily accessible and a customizable interface, iTunesVolume's appearance might not appeal to everyone. Give it a try to see if you enjoy it's feel and interaction with iTunes.



iTunesVolume 1.1.4

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